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Our solutions Our savoir-faire
Our solutions

Our savoir-faire

5000m2 of workshops, round the clock production and a team
of 200 specialised operators and technicians put high
performance at the heart of customer service.

Our extensive range of treatments covers all of our customers
finishing needs and provides them with a single contact person
for all finishes.

Protec Industrie is reknown for its excellence in technical
surface treatment.

Our solutions Special processes
Our solutions

Special processes

Non-destructive testing
Penetrant and magnetic particle testing, nital etch, macropgraphy
etch, Inconel stripping, titanium stripping, radiography.
10 controllers, level 1 to 2 COSAC certified in penetrant and
magnetic particle testing, guarantee the conformity of your

Electrolytic and chemical plating
Silver, cadmium, copper, gold, tin, nickel, black nickel and zinc plating.

Anodising and conversion treatments
Sulphuric acid anodising, chromic acid anodising, passivations,
chromating with or without Cr6, zinc phosphatingand and sulfotartrique

Mechanical preparation
Sandblasting, bead blasting (glass and plastic media), masking,
mechanical rework, laser marking.

Plastic plating
Electrolytic and electroless coatings on plastics and composites.

Epoxy and polyurethane paints, multi-layer systems, waterbased
paints, hammer finish paint, wrinkle-effect paint, rough
and non-slip finishes as well as other special paints and

Our solutions Customized offer
Our solutions

Customized offer

Respect of the best practice and quality of the production are our best assets but not only: Protec is also a service provider. Our strength is to provide a tailored service to our clients, with dedicated organization and resources, directly inserted into their production flow. Protec also contributes to their industrial development thanks to robust process planning, supply chain and R&D departments.

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